Yet Another Photo Album App

I’m going to create a photo album web app. This has been done countless times before and I’ll probably never reach the perfection I strive for. However, there are a few things that have been nagging me about my digital photo life lately and I feel I have to do something about that. And me being a programmer “doing something about it” means “code until I’m happy”.

The things that bug me the most with my current setup are the following:

  • I don’t want to order my photos in albums. I want to tag them and browse them by tags and dates. This allows for a very nice search where I could search for e.g. me and my son on summer vacation and see a photostream of all our summer vacations. I could then also share all photos with a certain tag with a certain person, e.g. pictures of my nephew and nieces would automatically be accessible by my sister.
  • I don’t like proprietary software. I’ve slowly been turning in to a free software purist and I don’t like the idea of a proprietary service holding my data without me knowing what happens to it. I want to be able to host this solution myself and choose where and how I store my data. I also want this freedom for other people and therefore I will develop this app in the open and share the code with the world.

I have just started looking into which frameworks I’d like to use and how I’d like to architect my app and will write more about that in the coming weeks. The idea is to have bi-weekly writeup of my progress. Hopefully I’ll always be able to deliver, however small my achievements will be. I guess we’ll see how this all turns out.

Now I just have to finish the hardest part: pick a name.