Humble beginnings

What a failure, already two weeks late for my second post. I still plan on biweeky updates though.

Since last time I’ve managed to get some actual work done! This mostly involves programming, which I was able to start doing after deciding that I should rather just use the technology I know and get things going instead of investigating all possible options and trying to choose the best one. Well, not all options, but I was toying with the idea of using Flask with SQLAlchemy for the backend. This combination actually still interests me and I’m sure I’ll take a spin on that combo sometime in the future. Current me, however, wants to code and that means returning to my beloved Django.

I’m planning on finishing version 0.1 with the barest minimum of features sooner rather than later. That includes signing in, uploading pictures and listing your previous uploads. If that doesn’t convince you of dropping your current photo album apps keep in mind that humble beginnings can lead to great victories :) I’m using Bootstrap for the front end and it’s currently pretty bland. I plan on spicing up the UI later down the line, but first things first – and that means tagging and sharing pictures!

I’m going to try to design it to be as modular as possible so there will be one Django app that takes care of the uploads and then there will be other apps that register for processing certain file types. This means that I’ll use one app to process and display images and another one to handle videos. This opens up the possibility to add support for more file types down the line, so you could browse your PDFs, spreadsheets and even game saves. The possibilities are endless!

Oh, yeah, I decided to call it Photosoup.